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About Corporate Conscience

  ​A small business that wants to be more socially responsible often lacks the resources to make it happen. Corporate Conscience is here to help fill the gap through corporate social responsibility consulting for for-profit small businesses. The key to affecting real change is the right blend of idealism and practicality. By utilizing our business and legal expertise, we work with small businesses to help bring their practices and policies into the social responsibility era. Corporate Conscience recognizes that each business is unique, requiring creative thinking to develop customized and workable plans of action. Effective solutions are developed holistically by keeping one eye on the day-to-day operations of the business while keeping the other eye on the socially responsible goals just over the horizon. Together we can make a difference.


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The Corporate Conscience Network

​We are all in this together. Corporate Conscience is continuously building relationships with people who have the skills, expertise, and experience that may be required for your social responsibility goals. No matter the ask, we know someone who can get it done. Everyone in the Corporate Conscience Network has one thing in common – they want to help your business do good for the world while also doing good for the business. Clients see immediate value by joining the network and will ultimately be in a position to give back to other socially responsible businesses in the future.


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The Four Bucket Strategy


​Social Responsibility can seem daunting and unattainable for all but the largest of businesses. The Corporate Conscience Four Bucket Strategy focuses on four primary areas of social responsibility that allow any sized company to implement meaningful change. 

 The People bucket is broken down into two parts: Diversity and Working Conditions. Diversity applies to all levels of the organization, from part-time employees to managers, and should be baked into company policies. Working Conditions encompasses everything from livable wages and realistic work-life balance to transparency and honesty within the business. 


 Environmental Sustainability should be on every company’s list of priorities if we are to have any chance of preventing ecological disaster. Any sized company can implement cheap and efficient sustainability policies with a little creative thinking.


 A business is only as socially responsible as its weakest supply chain link. Corporate Conscience will analyze and assess the business's existing supply chain for socially responsible practices, recommend alternatives, and help negotiate favorable rates and transparency. Local and minority-owned suppliers are prioritized in order to ensure resilient and equitable supply chains.

Supply Chain

 We are seeing firsthand how important community is to each and every one of us. Local businesses are the backbone of any community, but it is not enough to simply be a source of jobs, goods, and services. Instead, businesses should actively look for ways to give back to the community, helping to build bonds and develop relationships that go beyond the marketplace.



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The Process

Phase One

Plan Development

First, Corporate Conscience does a deep dive into the business to understand the existing operations, policies, and capabilities. We also meet with the business owners, employees, and customers to determine their social responsibility goals. After a baseline is established, Corporate Conscience develops an actionable social responsibility plan that touches on each of the Four Buckets.

Phase Two

Putting the Plan into Action

Next, the business owner decides which aspects of the Plan to focus on, and Corporate Conscience determines the appropriate resources needed to take action. When outside expertise is needed to accomplish the business's goals, the Corporate Conscience Network springs into action by supplying vetted and reliable professionals. Customized metrics are also developed for tracking progress and future assessment.

Phase Three

Standardization, Assessment, Improvement

Corporate Conscience understands the importance of continued assessment and improvement in any business practice. Quarterly check-ins are utilized to revisit the Plan with the business owners to determine what is and is not working based on the custom metrics. Successful aspects of the Plan are further refined and standardized to increase efficiency, while other aspects are improved and reformatted based on the changing nature of the business, the community, and society at large.


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